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Quality in every sheet

Quality roof sheets that covers for generations

Our products are designed to last and meet high quality standard. They’re produced using natural colour or pre-painted aluminium or aluzinc materials, and are suitable for private residences and public constructions.

Ribbed Sheet or trapezoidal profile

Trapezoidal roof systems are very cost effective and suited to a wide variety of applications, including new build and refurbishment. For industrial applications, trapezoidal roof systems prove are particularly ideal, but are also suited to commercial or retail applications where the roof may be concealed behind a parapet.

Its advantages include:

  1. Excellent tightness
  2. Economic design of load-bearing structures
  3. Great range and rigidity
  4. Very good resistance to strong winds
  5. Suitable for roof long slopes

However, trapezoidal roof system is not recommended for complex roof design.

Tile effect Sheet

Tile effect metal roofing provides an efficient way to create a traditional roof appearance with the benefits of a modern steel roof. It appearance and low maintenance fit perfectly with premium residences, detached houses and farmhouses.

Other benefits include:

  1. Freedom of design
  2. Great range and rigidity
  3. Good resistance to strong winds

However, it requires strong slope. The cost of the supporting structure is high compared to trapezoidal profile. A good knowledge of  installation is necessary.

Corrugated Sheet

Corrugated profile is linear sinusoidal in shape. This traditional profile is the most widely-used type of economic roof sheet. They have a classical look, serving all kinds of basic roofing needs.
Pre-painted sheets in a variety of colours are also available, giving them additional aesthetic value.
Circular Corrugated Sheets are a perfect choice for general roofing and walling applications.

Benefits include:

  1. Savings on labour costs
  2. Economy of structure
  3. Particularly interesting overall cost


Accessories & fixing

Complete your roofing project with a comprehensive range of accessories from Zin Industries, including ridge capping, valley gutter, barge capping, fasteners, etc


Our coils come from reputable suppliers, and are compliant to the Cameroonian norm and standards NC 100 and NC 101

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