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We understand the hustle that comes with building your dream home.

To make your life easy, we partner with shortlisted designers and roof contractors who have appropriate technical experience, reference works, adequate equipment and qualification, and legitimacy to design and realize your roofing project. It’s for this reason that we have put together a list of our partners for your consideration.

Alain Aba

Phone: +237 699 854 005

Moise Ziada

Phone : +237 694 627 058

There are many stores throughout the country that sell our products and we’re planning to register more stores.Haut du formulaire

SNV Services

Phone: +237 696 811 727


Phone: +237 697663342

We have network of sales representatives to sell our products. You can contact one of them listed here, and he will be at your door to gather your requirements and advise on the solution that suits your need.

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