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Company Profile

We’re one of the fast-growing roof sheets manufacturing company in Cameroon. For many years, we have been protecting and enhancing lives of consumers through our brand, known for its high resistance to bad weather, and timeless aesthetic.

Who we are

Founded in 2010, our company continues to grow at the rate of 20% per annum. This success is the reward of our commitment to the quality product, and our talented people.

Our vision is to “Achieve #1 leadership position of the metal sheet industry in Cameroon”

Our way of doing business

We strongly believe that our mission of protecting and enhancing life of our consumers will be achieved by creating value throughout the business value chain.


We work with our retail partners to ensure that they can profitably meet the expectations of properties developers and owners.


We have a streamlined supply chain, and rely on reputable partners to meet market demand on time, in full, at affordable cost.

Consumer Services

Our success depends on the understanding of our consumer’s profiles and preferences. We work together to design roof structure that meet environment challenges and fit into their home design and budget.


Our products are designed to last and meet high quality standard.

Have queries?

In case of any queries, product information or you need help in selecting the best product for you we're here to help.

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